Tufts Mobile APP

During my freshman year, I met with the administration in the hopes of securing support to create an app for students. They liked the idea, and I created the Tufts Mobile App with the help of Tufts Technology Services (TTS). Since then, TTS and I have repeatedly worked to better integrate popular functions like the Shuttle Tracker, LaundryView, and Dining Menus, and look forward to continuing to make the app even more accessible for students.



When I first joined Senate, resolutions were seldom announced publicly at all, and when they were, announcements almost always came either the day they were set to be heard or a few short days before. In my role as Parliamentarian for the past two years, I have successfully implemented a policy which ensures all resolutions are announced at least two weeks before they are heard, with the full text released no less than one week before. I also instituted live-streaming of all Senate resolutions, something that was simply not done in past years. Finally, the town halls that Senate has hosted throughout this year came out of a suggestion of mine during election season last year.

These are three major steps toward ensuring all students are aware of the work we are involved in, whatever they may think of it, providing them with the information they need to make their voices heard on issues they find important.


wATER fountain in Tilton Hall

There is now a water fountain in Tilton Hall. This installation was the first Senate project I ever took on, and it was a major part of my campaign from my first year here. Tilton is a wonderful place to live, and I'm glad to have played a role in making it a little bit better.


Narcan distribution

A major priority of mine throughout my time on Senate has been student safety. After a discussion with administrators of ways that Tufts can respond to the opioid epidemic and protect students and residents of Medford and Somerville, TUPD officers will now be equipped with Narcan (Naloxone), an emergency treatment for suspected opioid overdoses, at the start of next academic year.         


Shuttle Improvements

I have worked extensively with Andrea Breault to improve the reliability of Tufts shuttles, ensuring that students who rely on them to make it to work on time or catch a 7:00 movie in Davis can rest easy. We have worked together to ensure schedules are accurate and that two shuttles run during times of peak use, in addition to adding a stop at Whole Foods for the Boston Ave shuttle. For those of you who've been at Tufts for a few years, you've hopefully seen these results of these efforts.



What can I say about Late Night Carm Study that I haven't already said on social media? In my time on Senate, I have worked to transform Late Night Carm Study from a little-known space to a well-attended two week-long event. I've met with Tufts Dining to ensure that people who attend are well-fed and coordinated with fellow Senators to bring extension cords and put Carm's few outlets to good use. If you haven't been yet, you're missing out big time!