Student Life Improvements

Making student life improvements has been the story of my Senate career. I have a bunch more ideas and hope to incorporate student feedback to decide on the rest, and I hope you'll join me on this exciting journey!

  • Reduce the residency requirement – Tufts requires all students to live on campus for eight semester, preventing many from graduating early. Whether they want to do so to ease the financial burden on them and their families or for personal reasons, students should be empowered to make the choice that they feel is best for them. I'll work alongside the administration to advocate for more student autonomy in making decisions about their future, whether that be graduating a semester early or spending a year as a commuter student.

  • Allow students who live off-campus access to common spaces – currently, students who live in off-campus housing do not have keycard access to many common spaces on campus, including Hodgdon and Carm's common rooms. As a result, juniors and seniors are forced further away from the central Tufts experience, creating a dynamic which further perpetuates the class year divide. I'll advocate to get more common spaces open to students who live off-campus, so that all students can remain connected and make good use of the facilities that Tufts has to offer.

  • Tufts Mobile App push notifications for favorite meals – working on the Tufts Mobile App has been a major component of my work on Senate, and I hope it will continue into the future. Next year, I'll push to add a feature which will allow students to program "favorite meals" and receive push notifications whenever a dining hall has that item -- that way, you never miss out on that dining hall food you've been thinking about.

  • Water fountains in every building – my first ever Senate project was getting a water fountain installed in Tilton Hall. It's a simple thing, but it makes the lives of students living in residence halls a bit easier, and at a pretty small cost. I'll push to ensure all buildings at Tufts have functioning water fountains.

  • Food trucks during open block on a regular basis – food truck week is great. What if it could be food truck week all the time? Having food trucks on campus twice a week would be a way to increase food options on campus without creating too much competition for Tufts Dining, and it's an idea I support wholeheartedly.

  • On-campus pub – though roadblocks have been discovered in the past, I believe that an on-campus pub would be a valuable thing for the student body to have, and I plan on advocating for the creation of such a pub.

  • Expand hours in Tisch and dining halls – as much as we dread the days when it needs to happen, sometimes we just have to spend a Friday or Saturday night studying or writing that paper that's due on Monday. I'll advocate for leaving the reading room open past Midnight over the weekend, so that the midnight walk back to your dorm doesn't add to the stress of working deep into the night.

  • More outlets in Carm and other buildings – there are like 3 outlets in all of Carm. It's a great place to study, but the lack of outlets makes it hard to stay camped out there for too long. Whenever it's possible to do so without accruing large costs, I'll push for the installation of more outlets in buildings where they're lacking.

  • Jumbocash expansion – as I've done on the Services committee for the past 2 years, I'll continue to reach out to local businesses to encourage as many as we can get to take Jumbocash.

  • Publish room numbers on Maps in the Tufts Mobile App – most of us probably spend most of our time in a select few buildings, so when we have to go to a new one, it can be hard to figure out where we're supposed to go. I'll work with TTS to get room numbers published within the Maps function on Tufts Mobile.

  • A late-night food option during the week

  • More places for free reproductive health products – Rebeca Becdach and Janey Litvin have done some great work getting