Introducing Priorities...

Every year, TCU Presidential candidates offer a laundry list of policies that they support, but it's always clear that many aren't achievable in a single year. While laying the groundwork for substantive projects to be realized in future years is important, candidates' platforms rarely offer a clear sense of what they strive to get done in the next year. That's why I've launched a list of priorities: five concrete policy changes which will have a real impact on the way students operate on campus and which are achievable within a single year. 


Expanding Grants for Unpaid Internships

The Career Center offers some grants for unpaid internships, but most are only for some sectors. Many have to turn down positions when they don't receive a grant. I'll work with admin to target alumni for  unpaid internship funding, so that your financial circumstances don't prevent you from taking on a position that you want.

Better funding club sports 

Club sports should be better funded, so that students are not on the hook for fundraising hundreds of dollars because they performed well enough to qualify for a national tournament. I'll advocate heavily for better club sports funding from the administration and make sure Senate does its part, too!

Improving resources for off-campus housing

Trying to find off-campus housing can be stressful, and Tufts has few resources to make it easier. I'll push for an official database for off-campus housing which encourages students to post information and reviews about landlords and properties in the area. That way, students don't have to go into the search blind.


rEDUCING AND rEFORMING The Residency Requirement

Tufts requires all students to live on campus for eight semester, preventing many from graduating early. Whether they want to do so to ease the financial burden on them and their families or for personal reasons, students should be empowered to make the choice that they feel is best for them. I'll work alongside the administration to advocate for more student autonomy in making decisions about their future, whether that be graduating a semester early or spending a year as a commuter student.


Making Syllabi and Course Evaluations public, before you register for classes

Signing up for classes, can be overwhelming. Many know little about the courses or professors and are forced to rely on Rate My Professor or word of mouth to make choices. Sometimes, you sign up for a class and it turns out completely differently from what you'd wanted. Syllabi and past course evaluations should be available to students on SIS before they sign up for classes, so that they can make well-informed decisions about the courses they take and the professors they take them with.