The Complete Platform

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it is my hope that it sheds light on issues that I feel are especially pressing. I recognize that our power as a body is limited, and this platform takes that limited power into account while trying to put the power we do have to good use making this campus a better place for everyone.

Take a look through this platform. If there's something you think I got wrong, or there's an issue you find important that's not discussed here, please shoot me an email -- I'd love to talk about it. Many of my Senate projects have come out of conversations with my fellow students, and I hope that that continues to be the case in the future.



Tufts is a prestigious educational institution, but there is so much more that it can be doing to support its faculty and students to ensure both have access to the best opportunities possible. From providing better support for faculty to expanding outreach efforts to prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds to providing students with the necessary tools to adequately plan their schedules, my platform outlines realistic, actionable steps that the university can take to better serve its students and faculty members alike.


A More Helpful Senate

It seems that distrust in Senate is the worst it's been in years. Many members of the student body feel that Senate is making decisions it shouldn't be without facing any accountability, and others feel that the space is one which only lifts up certain projects while leaving others on their own. Bridging this trust gap will be a major priority for me, ensuring that Senators are empowered to take on projects that meaningfully benefit their communities across campus.


Aiding student Organizations

Asking Senate for money or trying to rent out space often requires jumping through unnecessary hoops or paying exorbitant fees, limiting clubs' abilities to put on the types of events that fulfill their mission. The student support fund should be expanded so that one's financial situation can't stand in the way of participating in clubs that they love. And wouldn't Tufts social life be a bit more exciting if students were allowed to use public spaces which would otherwise sit empty for concerts, game nights and other fun events?  There's a long way to go, but I want to lay the groundwork for more equitable, vibrant campus filled with great events.


Becoming better Neighbors

While no university has a perfect relationship with the communities surrounding it 100% of the time, the relationship between Tufts and Medford and Somerville is worse than most. TCU Senate can play a powerful role in making improved community relations a priority for the administration, and there is no shortage of ways in which our university can become more of an asset to the residents of Medford and Somerville. Let's work together to help people who have in many cases lived in this community for decades proud to share their home with our school, making use of our many talents and abilities to be a resource rather than a hindrance.


cREATING A genuinely Inclusive Campus

There are many students and faculty members on our campus who simply are not afforded the same opportunities as others. 10 faculty members of color left Tufts last year, indicating a serious, systematic problem. Tufts' wheelchair accessibility is abysmal, Student Accessibility Services accommodations are in many cases insufficient, and mental health services must better support students on campus. Our acquisition of the SMFA has caused serious headache for many, and we should do more to help those students. Let's continue to expand access to feminine hygiene products, ensure Tufts continues to not comply with immigration officials, and push the administration to more directly support students and faculty members of color.


Funding Club Sports

Last year, club sports asked for $300,000 in funding. Our budget includes less than half of that. While all student organizations on campus must make some difficult choices, and it is impossible for us to fund everything, we must take steps to ensure that students on club sports teams are not required to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket just to compete in an activity that they are passionate about.


Improving on-Campus financial accessibility

It can be hard enough balancing schoolwork and extracurricular activities, but for students who have to work 10, 20, 30 hours each week to make ends meet, it can be nearly impossible. I'll continue to advocate for a financial aid policy which truly meets 100 percent of demonstrated need, and I'll push hard for the creation of a fund for low-income students to receive grants for taking on leadership positions. I will also encourage the administration to increase the number of grants available for unpaid internships and to support trustee representative Nathan Foster's idea of an affordability metric in Tufts' assessment of its performance.


Solving students' housing problems

Tufts has made real improvements in the past few years, renovating wood-framed houses on Capen Street, renovating Miller and Houston Halls, hiring an off-campus housing advisor, and rethinking the housing lottery system. But there is much more work to be done: as off-campus rents continue to increase, many students are forced to live far from campus or hold onto hope that they will receive housing off the waitlist. Tufts should ensure that the off-campus housing advisor has access to all the info students need to make wise choices, create a database into which students can post reviews of housing to ensure that other students don't get trapped, and work to build more on-campus housing to limit the need for these resources. 


Student life improvements

I've been on the Services committee for much of my Senate career, focused on making improvements to student life that feel small but add up to make a huge difference. Let's expand access to printers on campus, continue to push for a library and dining hall that stays open later, advocate for the creation of an on-campus pub, and get some more outlets in Carm. Let's with more local businesses and encourage them to accept Jumbocash and push for gender neutral restrooms in all major buildings. There's a lot of work to be done here, but I'm happy to lead the charge to get it done.