Funding Club Sports

Many students who participate in club sports are forced to spend almost as much time fundraising as they do playing. This needs to change, and I plan on making a major push to achieve that change.

Last year, I joined President Gauri Seth and other members of the executive board in drafting a letter to the administration, urging them to hire a full-time club sports director. The administration took the recommendation and hired a staff member, creating a new, more transparent process for receiving funding. Next year, club sports will be receiving a record-high $150,000, which is a huge improvement for which Treasurer Emily Sim deserves praise, but it's still less than half of the amount club sports teams requested.  

At almost every other school, the athletics department would pay for club sports in full, and while I do not think this is likely to happen here, I do plan on asking Tufts Athletics to pay its fair share. I'll work to ensure that dedicated club sports staff remain as important resources, and I'll advocate for more chances for club sports teams to seek supplementary funding from TCU Senate. No club should have to turn down an opportunity to compete in a national championship due to lack of funding, and a major priority for me will be to ensure no teams have to make this difficult decision.