While no university has a perfect relationship with the communities surrounding it 100% of the time, the relationship between Tufts and Medford and Somerville is worse than most. TCU Senate can and should work to change that, and there is no shortage of ways in which our university can become more of an asset to the residents of Medford and Somerville. Let's work together to help people who have in many cases lived in this community for decades proud to share their home with our school, making use of our many talents and abilities to be a resource rather than a hindrance. 

  • Ensure that TUPD officers continue to carry Narcan at all times – TUPD officers will soon begin to carry Narcan, a substance which can counter the effects of an opioid overdose. As Medford, Somerville, and much of New England face large numbers of people suffering from opioid addiction, Tufts must ensure that its police can play a role in saving the lives of people who have overdosed. As Tufts shares resources with neighboring towns, it must not let up in this fight.

  • Create a program for students to drive residents to the polls on election day – many student groups drive other students to the polls on election day, a great service which allows many students with tight schedules to do their civic duty and vote. I would advocate for the expansion of these programs into the greater Medford and Somerville communities so that residents with mobility issues, those who lack access to cars or easy public transit, and those with limited free time will not be prevented from voting if they would like to do so. 

  • Encourage Tisch College to create a day of service – Tufts does have Kids' day and other programs which allow people in neighboring communities to take advantage of the many talents its students and faculty have to offer, but it can and should do more. I would work with Tisch College to create a day of service, during which buses are run to various charities in the area so that students and faculty are encouraged to devote a few hours to bettering the lives of people who need it.

  • Add information about importance of respect for neighbors to orientation trainings – little is said about off-campus living during orientation, surprising considering over half of juniors and seniors live off campus. In addition to other proposed programing which can be found in the "Solving Students' Housing Problems" section, Tufts should emphasize to new students that Tufts is in a residential area and respecting neighbors is important.