About Me

My name is Adam Rapfogel, and I'm running to be your next TCU President. I've been on Senate since my third week at Tufts, and in that time I've done a lot of listening. I've heard what you love about our school, what you love to hate, and what you desperately want to see changed. I've always made a habit of anchoring my projects around the feedback that I've received from my classmates, and if I am so fortunate to be your next TCU President, you have my word that I'll continue to do just that.

During my time on Senate, I haven't treated it as a resumé-booster. Instead, I've worked hard to ensure that small projects that otherwise would've fallen through the cracks were taken care of. I served for two consecutive years on the Executive Board as Parliamentarian, where I met with students to review every word of their resolutions in order to ensure that their projects had as great a chance of success as possible. Supporting other Senators, sometimes at the expense of your own projects, is a difficult job, but it's also ultimately the job of the TCU President: to prop up voices other than one's own, and to help other Senators' projects be the best they can be. Luckily, I have a wealth of experience doing just that.

Trust in TCU Senate seems to be at an all time low, and there are many issues that deserve urgent attention. Unpaid internship funding is sorely lacking. We need to better fund club sports, so that club sports athletes can focus on playing the sports they signed up for, rather than fundraising just to be able to compete. The residency requirement places an unnecessary burden on students wishing to graduate early. Searching for off-campus housing is a stressful experience, and Tufts should do more to help students through that process. And syllabi and course evaluations should be made public so people don't have to go into course registration blind.

We need a Senate which will listen to students across campus and work on both short-term goals like the ones outlined above and longer-term ones like the unsustainable increases in tuition that Tufts is experiencing. No matter who you are, I hope you can rely on me to push for meaningful change to make this campus a better place for you.

Adam has done some great work for TCU Senate, and he’s my favorite son. He’s also my only son. Maybe don’t include that last part on your website.
— Scott Rapfogel, Adam Rapfogel's father